About Us

Our goal is to help you excel in your business

Simply put, Applied Consultants are experts at making technology work for your business.

Time and time again we have proven that success depends more on the people delivering the solution than the technology or the complexity of the business.

Our defining feature is our people. We deliver exceptional quality because of their experience, motivation and passion for solving problems.

Our people

We recruit intelligent people with solid grounding and proven experience in their field. People who are are pragmatic, personable, great communicators and team players, and have the tenacity to solve tough problems for our Clients.

Our technical people have science and engineering backgrounds with a deep knowledge of fundamental principles and not just a working knowledge of specific technologies.

Just as a native speaker can find more eloquent ways to communicate than someone who just learnt a language at school, we have the know how to solve complex problems, whatever the domain.

Why Clients choose us

We adopt a very collaborative approach by embedding our teams within our Client's organisation to add value in all areas.

We take real ownership of problems and management responsibility for delivering solutions whilst maintaining complete transparency so that our Clients retain overall control.

We have an uncompromising commitment to delivering robust and scalable solutions at low cost, using an agile, phased approach to ensure the earliest possible ROI.

We don't have any sales staff. Your first introduction to us will be with the people we think are best suited to rise up to meet your challenges.