Solution Engineering

Technology alone is not a solution

How will you make your money?

Our expertise is in building complete business solutions, with technology being just one of the ingredients.

Understanding your business propositions and strategic goals is key to developing the right solution.

What makes your business tick?

Our analysts work closely with your stakeholders to map out the components of your business and the interactions between them.

We help you to define key metrics for measuring the performance of each component and set targets to achieve your goals.

Preparing for success

A great business idea needs great execution, which comes from clearly understood roles and responsibilities.

We meticulously document each activity required to make your business work, showing who does what, when and why, whether they are your staff, third parties or computer systems.

Intelligent automation

We use our deep experience of technology to design an elegant architecture for your business automation, seamlessly integrating the old with the new.

Whether it's selecting off the shelf software or building bespoke applications, our holistic approach ensures your technological solution merges smoothly with your business processes and takes care of all those awkward scenarios that are often overlooked.

Take the mystery out of technology

We believe that properly designed technology should never be a bottleneck.

Our unique understanding of the nuts and bolts of technology means we can design lean, secure, resilient and scalable infrastructure to host your applications, and test it to ensure it performs.

We have solid experience of both dedicated and cloud services and are proud to have delivered solutions with zero unplanned down time.